Pete Jackson was a sweet lad whose only vice apart from all the other ones was that he had the ambition to be a pop group. But his parents pointed out he alone would not make a group.

black and white picture of the band in 1963

The Band in 1963

So along  came Dave, Tony, John, Mick, Leggy and Butch.  And thus a group was formed, and they would be…The Beaucrees.

The Beaucrees were formed in Walthamstow in 1963 by founder members:

  • Dave Francis – Vocals
  • Mick Kain – Lead Guitar
  • Tony Tutton – Drums
  • John Astrop – Bass Guitar
  • Pete Jackson – Rhythm Guitar

The band started playing at local youth clubs, schools, dances and  universities and as the years went by developed a large following of loyal fans who joined the band`s fan club in order to keep up with the news about the boys.

Th old tour bus

The Old Tour Bus

The band became very popular and in demand at USAF bases and cabaret shows throughout the South and East of England.

The band were working hard and developing a strong reputation for the fun and energy of their shows and began to be booked by major London entertainment agencies to support to headlining bands such  The Hollies, The Foremost, The Fortunes and in cabaret shows with Lulu, Jimmy Tarbuck, Mike& Bernie Winters, Morecombe & Wise, The Barron Knights.

A few changes of personnel took place over the years John and Pete moved away and were replaced by Chris ‘Leggy’ Williams and ‘Butch’ Butcher on keyboards.

The band continued to work and develop the stage shows and was booked into many top quality London Hotels and venues including a residency at the 100 Club and also many ‘society’ functions.

The band continued in this format until 1979.

In December 2011 the lads had a reunion dinner – the first time some of the band had met up in a very long time – and the idea of “getting the old band back together” for a reunion gig was formed.  The original line-up had survived the ravages of time and were raring to go. There were even two bass players, so one was sent off to learn keyboards!


The Band Today

The revival had begun!

The reformed line up is:

  • Dave Francis – Vocals/Drums
  • Mick Kain – Lead Guitar
  • Tony Tutton – Vocals/Drums
  • Chris Williams – Bass Guitar
  • John Astrop – Keyboards
  • Pete Jackson – Rhythm Guitar


In the period since reforming we have played gigs in Essex – including  the King William pub in Notley, at the High Barn live music venue near Braintree and the Radisson Stansted. We’ve also been back in our old stomping ground of Walthamstow, playing at the Orford House Social Club.

Watch out for us coming to a venue near you!