Terms & Conditions

Ticket Purchase Terms

Sale of Tickets

Rights to admission for Events are sold in the form of unique booking reference codes on your confirmation e-mail which are delivered electronically via this Website.


A request by you to purchase Tickets using the booking process on this Website is an offer made subject to these Ticket Purchase Terms. The offer is made when you click the “pay” button on the Basket Page of the Website. Acceptance by us of your offer shall be deemed to be effective when your debit/credit card details have been cleared and we have confirmed your order.

Making Your Booking
You must be over 16 years old to buy Tickets using this Website and must also comply with any age restrictions which apply to the venue where the Event is being held (as set out below). 

When you are logged into this Website you may choose the Tickets you wish to purchase and add them to your basket. Please check your purchase carefully before you confirm your purchase and check out by clicking on “pay”. At this stage an offer has been made by you to purchase the Tickets selected. 

Once you have offered to purchase the Tickets then, subject to their availability at advertised prices and checking your payment details, we will accept your offer and confirm your Booking by sending you a confirmation e-mail. 

Until your payment is processed and accepted by us the unique booking reference code will not be valid. 

WE DO NOT POST OUT ACTUAL PHYSICAL TICKETS unless otherwise stated. You are advised to check your purchase on receipt of confirmation from us. 

Please keep your confirmation e-mail in a safe place as you will be refused entry to the Event without it.

Venue Rules and Regulations

Tickets are issued subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Promoter issued at the venue. Full details are available from the Promoter on request. You and all other Ticket holders in your party must comply with all relevant statutes, safety announcements and venue regulations whilst attending the Event. The following points apply in general: the Promoter, venue management, and we accept no responsibility for any personal property taken to an Event. At the Promoter’s option there may be no pass-outs or re-admissions of any kind to an Event.

Refunds, Cancellations, Rescheduling of Events

Purchased Tickets cannot be refunded unless:
(a) an Event is cancelled;

(b) an Event is moved to another date and you decide not to retain your Booking for the rescheduled Event; or

(c) details of an Event are significantly changed after an order is placed (significant changes being a change of headline act or venue).

If an Event is cancelled, rescheduled, or the details are significantly changed, and we have been informed of the change by the Promoter, we will contact you as soon as possible by email using the details you have supplied to us. If you do not receive this notification because you have not updated the email address that we hold in your account, we cannot be held liable.

If an Event is cancelled, and we have been informed by the Promoter, we will automatically refund the face value of your Ticket: you don’t need to notify us or claim your refund. 

If we have been informed by the Promoter that the Event is to be rescheduled (as set out in (b) above), or the details significantly changed (as set out in (c) above), and we have informed you of the change, we will offer you the choice of retaining your Booking for the rescheduled or changed Event, or obtaining a refund of the face value of the Ticket. 

If you don’t notify us that you wish to obtain a refund, you will be deemed to have chosen to retain your Booking and you will not be entitled to a refund. 

If an Event is moved to another date (as set out in (b) above) or the details are significantly changed (as set out in (c) above) and you decide to retain your Booking, you shall not be entitled to any refund of the face value of the Ticket, or to any other compensation whatsoever.


Age Restrictions, Concessionary Rates and Rights to Entry
Some Events and Ticket types have age restrictions and we will take reasonable efforts to ensure these are detailed in the Event information. Please read all the information that applies to the Event/Ticket you are Booking, and bring a proof of age if appropriate. 

Some Tickets are offered at concessionary rates to eligible persons, for example, students, under-18s. If you buy concessionary Tickets, you must take the necessary proof that each Ticket holder is eligible for that concession to the Event. If you cannot prove eligibility for each person holding a concessionary Ticket, you may be asked to pay the difference on the door or refused entry completely. If you are refused entry, we cannot refund you. 

The right to admission to an Event is reserved by the Promoter and Event venue, who may take health and safety, environmental and security concerns into account, and may carry out security searches. We are unable to offer you a refund if you are refused entry to or ejected from a venue on account of being under age (or appearing to be underage and failing to provide proof of age), declining to be searched, abusive, threatening, drunken, or other antisocial behaviour (including smoking in no smoking areas), carrying offensive weapons or illegal substances, or making unauthorised audio, video or photographic recordings. In cases of Events where prompt arrival is required, late arrival may also result in refusal of entry. 

Laser pens, mobile phones, animals and Ticket holder’s own food may also be prohibited from the venue.


Availability of Tickets

Some Events and Ticket types have restricted availability or allow a maximum number of Tickets per purchaser. These restrictions are indicated in the Event information or during Booking. If you order Tickets in breach of these restrictions or in excess of the maximum allowed we reserve the right to cancel your order. 

Tickets for Events may be available through other outlets and box offices. The number of Tickets available on this Website only reflects our remaining allocation, which is controlled by the venue/Promoter, and not the total tickets remaining for the Event itself.